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As security practitioners, we all have things we want to be able to tell our CISO’s. We need to tell them we need more money, more headcount, we need to be able to tell them their baby (security program) is ugly. Everyone wants the ear of a CISO for the dollars they control. We just want their ear to help them understand what’s really going on in the industry and in their organization.

It Came From The Clouds

Beware that which lives amongst the Clouds. Or, ya know, just attack them mercilessly. One of the best parts about having such talented security pros at Splunk, is they also make amazing products. And some are even free. Enter the Cloud Attack Range, a detection development platform written/maintained by Splunkers Jose Hernandez and Mike Haag and open-sourced to everyone. Joining us will be Co-Founder of Red Canary Keith McCammon. Red Canary integrates with Attack Cloud to help generate attack data. It’s a true community project and we’re going to chat about it.

I Wish Someone Had Squished That Phish

It’s long since been established that it’s not if a breach will occur in your enterprise, it’s when. Are you prepared for that response? As Dave Kennedy, CEO of TrustedSec once asked a Brrcon audience, “If all you had was Sysmon, could you still do a successful IR?” Best practices are only best if you actually practice them. Along with Robert Wagner, Staff Security Specialist at Splunk, we’ll talk about ways to get your teams to their fighting weight when the bad guys sneak in through the basement.

Open Source in Application Monitoring

Open source projects are a powerful way to accelerate application development. Open source as a support function to monitoring can help support standards and better Observability and Monitoring practices. Learn about the OpenTelemetry project as a tool to improve the quality and flexibility of traces, spans, logs for better monitoring and Observability practices.

Amazon Connect App for Splunk

The Amazon Connect App for Splunk uses a variety of data sources to help gain insight into your contact center performance both historically and in real-time. In standard Splunk fashion, data is democratized so from DevOps and AppDev teams, to Network and Service Operations Centers, to Contact Center Operations, to Engineering and Capacity Management, there’s something in the app for everyone.

Pipeline Analytics for Code-To-Cloud Visibility

The software delivery chain (SDLC) is the application of applications. If it is not running, you cannot ship code. In this episode of Dissecting DevOps, Dave and Chris cover how you Operate, Measure, and Audit your SDLC to ensure that your organization has Code-To-Cloud Visibility. Because the SDLC is an app for apps, treat it as you would any other application.