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Why Data Maturity Matters | Prof. Sally Eaves, Ronald van Loon and Splunk's Mark Woods

In today’s world, data is a strategic asset helping organisations not just survive but thrive. Our current era of innovation is propelled by those who are doing more than just storing and managing data. Splunk’s latest State of Data Innovation report revealed that organisations that invested in placing data at the core of their operations were twice as innovative and productive as those that didn’t. Prof. Sally Eaves, Ronald van Loon and Splunk's own Mark Woods discuss how organisations not only need a complete view of their data but the ability to act upon their data quickly.

Live from AWS re:Invent - Data Drivers & Racing as a Service

Presenter: Cory Minton - IT Strategist Splunk believes that every problem has an answer in data and esports racing is no different! Join this session to see how Splunk partnered with McLaren Shadow Esports to bring critical insights to the services that matter most in SIM racing with Splunk Cloud in AWS.

Live from AWS re:Invent - Time Travel with Splunk and AWS

Presenters: Jon LeBaugh and Robert Gustafson Time Travel is possible! Well, at least for data in Splunk. Learn how and why we use AWS Lambda, Splunk smart store, and Amazon S3 to move data into the future in the behind the scenes look at Splunk’s Boss of Ops and O11y capture the flag competition.

Live from AWS re:Invent - Metrics and Logs Sitting in a Tree, Lowering your MTT*s

We all know by now that the exponential increase in cloud complexity has required a shift in traditional monitoring. These major changes lead to major challenges. Most environments are becoming more and more difficult to predict outages and determine root cause. There is a need for both real-time monitoring and alerting as well as a way to flexibly dig into your data to determine true root cause. Introducing the hottest new couple: metrics and logs. Come see how this duo can help speed up cloud adoption, future-proof your cloud monitoring, and lower MTTD and MTTR.

Five things everyone needs to know about their AWS environment that they can't see from Cloudwatch

At Splunk we love AWS, and we love all things Cloudwatch... it's a great source of data to collect and correlate. Sometimes we get asked "Why do I need Splunk when I have Cloudwatch dashboards?" What a great question! Join this session to learn about five critical insights about your AWS environment that you'll never get using Cloudwatch alone. Behold the power of Splunk's search and analysis platform!

Splunk Mobile for Private Networks

Are you working in a secure environment and want to take advantage of Splunk Mobile and Connected Experiences? Welcome to Private Spacebridge, a version of Spacebridge that you can deploy and manage in your own Kubernetes cluster. Check out this video where Joe, our SR Spacebridge engineer, explains what Private Spacebridge is all about and how it works to get you securely routing mobile traffic through your environment.

Evolving from Splunk IT Essentials to Predictive IT Management with Splunk IT Service Intelligence

This video describes the value Splunk IT Essentials Work provides organizations that are just getting started with using Splunk for common IT tasks and use cases, as well as the benefits of quickly evolving to predictive IT and service management with Splunk IT Service Intelligence when you’re ready.