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Cost Management Best Practices for Azure Integration Solutions

In this episode of "FinOps on Azure" Sandro, an enterprise Integration expert, shares his insights on optimizing costs for building robust Integration solutions on Microsoft Azure. Sandro emphasizes the importance of establishing a solid foundation by defining clear naming conventions, environment policies, and access controls to manage costs to avoid potential issues.

How to find Idle Azure Resources or Unused Azure Resources?

The focus of this video is to help users identify idle resources within Azure deployments. Azure MVP Michael Stephenson (aka Mike) explains the importance of managing these idle resources, as they can accumulate over time and lead to unnecessary costs without providing any business value. Mike shows how users can utilize the cost analyzer module to identify idle networking resources such as virtual networks (vnets), IP addresses, and subnets. He explains the process of filtering and identifying idle resources within the Azure deployment, using a tree view to model the organization's cost data.

Azure Storage Cost Optimization | How to reduce Azure Storage Costs?

Azure Storage Cost Optimization | How to reduce Azure Storage Costs? Azure MVP Michael Stephenson (aka Mike) introduces a new feature in Turbo360 that aims to optimize Azure storage costs. He begins by explaining customers' challenges with Azure's lifecycle policies and their desire for more control over optimization processes.

Ways to Detect Anomalies in Azure with Real-Life Examples

Azure MVP, Michael Stephenson (aka Mike) walks through a practical example of Azure anomaly detection and the importance of keeping an eye on costs in Azure. Using Turbo360's cost analyzer module, Mike shows us how to efficiently manage everyday expenses and save money. Mike shares a scenario where he manages a Data Gateway service on Azure within a limited budget. He then explains how changes in resource scheduling led to unexpected cost increases. Using the anomaly detection feature, he identifies the abnormal cost behavior and discusses the significance of promptly addressing such issues.

Customizable Azure Rightsizing Recommendations - Expert Insights

In this video, Michael Stephenson introduces a feature in Turbo360 that allows users to configure customizable settings for Azure rightsizing recommendations. He demonstrates how users can access these settings in the Turbo360 portal and modify rules for rightsizing various resources such as VM scale sets and SQL databases.

The relationship between cloud FinOps and Security - Expert tips

In this episode, we delve into the relationship between Azure Cost Management and security in cloud computing with FinOps certified practitioner Michael Stephenson and Microsoft MVP for Security Nino Crudele. Learn how security measures impact cloud costs and explore strategies for balancing robust security with cost-effectiveness. Discover the crucial role of governance, policy enforcement, and FinOps in optimizing both cost and security postures.

How to Setup Cost Alert Notification in Azure?

How to Setup Cost Alert Notification in Azure? In this video, Azure MVP - Michael Stephenson explains how users can set up alerts for exceeding cost thresholds within their monitoring setup, specifically focusing on a product called Document360. Michael demonstrates how users can configure email alerts to be notified when a cost threshold is breached, and he walks through the process of receiving and managing these alerts. He also mentions the ability to view incidents and analyze cost data in more detail if necessary.

Azure Management Platform - Turbo360

Turbo360 (Formerly Serverless360) is an advanced Cloud Management platform that empowers you with significant Azure Cost savings and Infra Monitoring for complex Azure Environments. This tool has helped customers experience annual savings of up to 30% through advanced cost monitoring, granular analysis, optimization insights, and reduced incident resolution time by 80% through holistic infra monitoring across multiple Azure resources with business context.

How do I review Azure costs?

In this video, Azure MVP Michael Stephenson will walkthrough on how he uses Turbo360 to conduct cost reviews for a SaaS company. And then he explains the process of monitoring costs, analyzing trends, identifying spikes, and optimizing resources using the Turbo360. He also emphasizes the importance of maintaining efficiency and sustainability in cloud spending by regularly reviewing costs. The goal is to identify cost-saving opportunities and ensure accountability within the teams to take action on optimizing resources.

What's New in Turbo360: Network diagrams, Rightsizing recommendations that restrict to the same SKU.

The latest updates in Turbo360 bring several notable features and enhancements. Access policies for Service Principals now enable users to define scopes. Network Diagrams in Azure Documenter provide visual representations of network architecture. Cost Analyzer introduces Idle Disks in Rightsizing recommendations for cost optimization. Furthermore, Rightsizing recommendations now offer the ability to restrict to the same SKU family.