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How Walgreens uses antuit.ai Solutions to Boost Customer Satisfaction & In-Stock Availability

One highlight of NRF 2023 was our well-received co-presentation with Walgreens Group VP Andy Kettlewell, joining our CEO, Sivakumar Lakshmanan to discuss Walgreens’ landmark AI demand planning transformation—serving 9 million daily customers’ health and wellness needs across almost 9,000 stores nationwide.

Antuit.ai: Inside Walgreens' Demand Planning Solution

In the ever-competitive drugstore space, Walgreens knows challenging the status quo is essential to continue providing excellent shopping experiences for an average of 8 million customers every day—and retain 95 million loyalty club members. Moving beyond outmoded direct marketing and price promotions, they’ve turned to antuit.ai AI-powered demand planning solutions to reimagine inventory, finance, and replenishment across 9,000 store locations and walgreens.com.

PacSun / antuit.ai: Getting Ahead of Black Friday/Cyber Monday

The start of the holiday shopping season can mean a 600% spike in omnichannel sales. See how PacSun relies upon antuit.ai solutions to efficiently allocate inventory among its 300+ stores, as well as streamline fulfillment of online orders—creating happy customers at lower costs.

Retailers Struggle w/ Forecasting, Pricing, & Availability-AI Remediates Those Issues

What do you get when you put a CEO, CTO, and two industry leading experts on a call together? Insights. Retail has been struggling mightily to overcome many challenges in consumer behaviors, supply chains, and inflation. Technology is helping overcome these challenges and provide solutions that benefit the customer.

CPG: Understand your consumers and meet them at the shelves

Product Pricing Isn’t Hocus Pocus. . . Scott Weitzman sits down with Alex Barnes to discuss what exactly Revenue Growth Management is, how it works, and why now is the most important time to focus on consumer retention. As Scott learns, this is not just some magical system that makes prices, but rather something that allows CPG companies to understand their consumers better and help meet them at the shelves.

Demand Modeling Studio - How does it work?

Everything starts with data, but the answer lies within what you do with that data. We look to better understand how Demand Modeling Studio allows data scientist the freedom to not only be creative but also organize workflows within this new platform. Antuit.ai the leader in AI-powered solutions for Forecasting and Merchandising, empowering world-class retailers, and consumer products companies to digitally transform their businesses and achieve substantial business results.

What's Next | Omnichannel-Aware Forecasting, Allocation & Replenishment

Omnichannel shopping is straining retailers, challenging old methodologies, hampering fulfillment, and depleting margins. What can be done? Omnichannel-aware is about positioning inventory intelligently, within your DC and store network, to be closest to the customer to enable fulfilling demand in-store, curbside or delivered to home in the most profitable way while meeting and exceeding service level expectations.