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Integrating AI and DevOps for Software Development Teams

For a long time, the domains of Machine Learning and AI on one side, and software development on the other side, were separate kingdoms. Sometimes, they touched, and something magical would happen. But more often, things didn’t really work out. They faced challenges stemming from a lack of mutual understanding, shared language, and compatible tools. With the meteoric rise and increased accessibility of powerful generative AI and LLMs, the need for collaboration to achieve real-world engineering and customer value has never been more vital.

What's in store for AI in 2024 with Patrick Debois

In this episode, Rob is joined by Patrick Debois, a seasoned industry expert and DevOps pioneer. Patrick shares his personal odyssey within the realm of DevOps, reflecting on the current state of the industry compared to his initial expectations. The conversation delves into the convergence of business analytics and technical analytics, exploring innovative approaches developers are adopting to integrate generative AI into their products.

Dave Farley reflects on 25 years of software development & the future of AI

In this episode Rob is joined by Dave Farley, software legend and author of books "Continuous Delivery" and "Modern Software Engineering”. The two tackle the essence of software development culture and the current state of software delivery. They unpack why it’s important to prioritize problem-solving abilities over technical skills when it comes to hiring, emphasizing a healthy culture and the need for continuous learning on the job.

What's next for CI/CD? Analyst predictions

In today’s episode, Rob is joined by CircleCI’s own Aisling Conroy. Aisling, a key player in CircleCI’s product marketing and competitive intelligence, provides a window into the thoughts of analysts in the ever-evolving CI/CD space. Their discussion explores how the power of diverse perspectives in problem-solving can yield many different types of product offerings.