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CircleCI product roadmap | Summer update

Join the CircleCI product team for an in-depth look at just-launched and upcoming features. This webinar starts with a quick overview of what we're building and why. Then we cover new features and upcoming changes across CI, CD and AI & LLMOps. We cover everything from config optimization recommendations to release tracking to testing config changes locally with the VS Code extension.

Automated rollbacks and release orchestration on CircleCI

CircleCI releases gives your development team greater confidence by bringing visibility, control and risk mitigation to the deploy and release process. In this video, we walk you through a typical deployment workflow to Kubernetes highlighting the powerful release orchestration capabilities designed to extend our platform into your staging and deployment environments including release and environment tracking, canary rollouts, and easy rollbacks directly from the CircleCI UI.

Achieving AI development at scale ft. Luis Ceze of OctoAI

In this episode, Rob is joined by Luis Ceze, CEO of OctoAI and a distinguished professor of computer science at the University of Washington. Together, they unpack the surge of interest in AI, attributing it to the convergence of factors like the unprecedented availability of data thanks to the internet boom and the accessibility of powerful computing resources.

Integrating AI and DevOps for Software Development Teams

For a long time, the domains of Machine Learning and AI on one side, and software development on the other side, were separate kingdoms. Sometimes, they touched, and something magical would happen. But more often, things didn’t really work out. They faced challenges stemming from a lack of mutual understanding, shared language, and compatible tools. With the meteoric rise and increased accessibility of powerful generative AI and LLMs, the need for collaboration to achieve real-world engineering and customer value has never been more vital.