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Addressing IT Challenges in Financial Services

Financial services companies enable a steady stream of intricate transactions—all of which are underpinned by an increasingly complex array of systems, services, and applications. Many forward-looking financial institutions have evolved to include multiple clouds, hyper-converged infrastructures, virtual machines, and containers to house massive quantities of transactional data and processes.

Autonomic IT in Financial Services: Elevate IT and Deliver a Resilient Customer Experience

Financial services firms face a multitude of complex IT challenges. Banking is a 24×7 affair, and firms must ensure their infrastructure is “always on” — consistently running at the highest efficiency and reliability. Banking customers also expect frictionless experiences across mobile and digital banking services. Slow application response times and service outages are simply not an option. Commercial banking is also competitive.

ScienceLogic Wins "AI Breakthrough Award" for Best AIOps Platform

ScienceLogic, a leader in automated IT infrastructure monitoring and AIOps, has won the “Best AIOps Platform” award in the seventh annual AI Breakthrough Awards! Run by Tech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence and recognition platform for today’s most competitive global technology markets, the awards highlight some of the world’s most innovative artificial intelligence (AI) companies, technologies, and products.

Ensuring Operational Resilience in Financial Services

Each year, financial services organizations handle billions of transactions, through which trillions of dollars of commerce flow. Customers expect key services, from online banking and cash transfers to payroll services, to be available around the clock, just as they expect their assets, data, and identities to be kept secure. Meanwhile, financial institutions themselves must be able to maintain ongoing communication with clearing houses, stock markets, payment processors, and other relevant parties.

ScienceLogic CEO, Dave Link, Wins MeriTalk Cyber Defenders Award

Congratulations to Dave Link, CEO and founder of ScienceLogic for being named a 2024 MeriTalk Cyber Defender! Each year, MeriTalk celebrates outstanding leadership in cyber innovation within the federal government IT community. The prestigious Cyber Defenders Awards honor government and industry individuals who are at the forefront of safeguarding government systems from complex cyber-attacks, leading cyber modernization progress, and driving our nation’s cybersecurity.

Monitoring 101: Gaining Visibility into Your Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Savvy organizations are embarking on a journey toward Autonomic IT to better manage their IT environments, particularly as hybrid configurations grow in popularity and are accompanied by greater complexity. Driven by AI and automation, Autonomic IT can help organizations optimize resource allocation, improve the effectiveness of maintenance efforts, avoid downtime, and keep end users happy.

Unlocking the Power of Data: How a Data-Driven Approach Fuels the Path to Autonomic IT

As technology evolves and IT systems become too complex for humans alone to manage, enterprises need to work towards an autonomous business model. This state – known as “Autonomic IT” – unlocks the transformative potential of automation and generative AI to help businesses resolve issues faster, minimize customer interruptions, and drive innovation. However, achieving an Autonomic IT state is not a simple plug-and-play process. It is a gradual evolution, a journey.

Reduce Downtime and Boost Efficiency with AI and Automation

IT service outages, while inconvenient, also carry widespread ramifications that affect productivity, revenue streams, business reputation, and customer satisfaction. These outages can also drive burnout and increased human error for the IT operations (ITOps) teams tasked with managing the stress that comes with urgent issues and escalations.

Reducing MTTR and the Hidden Costs of Downtime Through AI & Automation

Of all the KPIs that gauge the health and operational fitness of an enterprise, Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) from an outage or downtime is one of the most crucial. Yet while MTTR is a universally recognized metric, many organizations still fail to consider the total cost of MTTR when deciding where and how to invest in their IT environments.

Building on Legacy: How Government Agencies Can Consolidate Tools with Automation

Tool sprawl, further compounded by the inflexibility of legacy tools, poses a major challenge for government IT teams. As agencies work to deliver the digital services their constituents demand, their digital ecosystems have grown to comprise numerous apps, systems and microservices, all specific to the individual IT components of the experience. With disparate tools and systems leading to siloed insights, higher costs, and increased complexity, it’s easy for technical debt to get out of hand.