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5 Takeaways from Gartner's Latest AIOps Analysis

If you’re still unpacking the latest terminology from Gartner’s 2023 AIOps market update, you aren’t alone. Subject matter experts from Moogsoft recently joined thought leaders from TIAA and Windward Consulting for a debrief on the panel interview Accelerating Your AIOps Journey Webinar. Almost half of technology leaders looking to improve productivity and fuel greater collaboration are struggling to explain AIOps use cases, benefits, and value to other business leaders.

5 Immediate Business Benefits of Leveraging Domain-Agnostic AIOps

Legacy systems and point solutions are part of any business. And while they have their history and benefits, it’s critical to find a balance for your organization. IT teams have been acclimated to disparate event management and monitoring tools. Now, with massive and rapidly increasing data flow, this disconnect is slowing and paralyzing IT teams.

Top 6 Tips for Improving MTTx

In our research for the inaugural State of Availability Report, we asked 1,900 engineers about mean time to detect (MTTD) and mean time to recovery (MTTR) as two leading incident management Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) strongly associated with availability. We learned that less than 15% of respondents are tracking their MTTD. It takes twice as long to discover an issue than it does to resolve it.

Why AIOps is Worth the Investment During an Economic Downturn

Recent talks of an economic softening have left IT leaders concerned about the future of their enterprises. That concern is understandable — tech layoffs create near-daily headlines at this point, with top companies rolling back their operations and rolling up their sleeves to focus on mission-critical expenses. And for many in ITOps, that means cutting tools.

The State of AIOps: A New Years' Message from Chief Moo Phil Tee

Well, that was fast! Another year has come and gone. It is safe to say 2020, ‘21 and ‘22 were exceptional, and only sometimes for good reasons. But I take heart in society’s steady progress toward digital maturity through it all. Nearly 100% of IT leaders say the pandemic accelerated their organization’s rate of digital transformation.

Why AIOps is the Connector Between Monitoring, Observability and Incident Management

Over the years, as companies have moved from monolith to cloud-native architectures, maintaining high availability has become more challenging. After all, today’s IT ecosystems are complex, distributed and ephemeral, making it increasingly difficult (and, in many cases, downright impossible) for DevOps practitioners and SREs to identify and fix issues manually.

How to Help Teams Create Optimal Infrastructure for Availability

Teams are locked into a cycle of suffering characterized by the feeling that they are sprinting just to stay still. This morale and productivity-destroying state is caused by an inability to find time to save time. Our new research, The State of Availability Report 2022, discovered that teams know what they want to do—harness cloud and DevOps practices and tools to advance digital transformation—but something’s getting in the way.

Just Maintaining Availability? Try Building Stability

Today’s customers see availability as a given. What do they really want? Bigger, better technology with new features and faster platforms. But, according to our recently released Moogsoft State of Availability Report, teams burn their time, money and energy on incident management. In fact, engineers overwhelmingly report that incident management takes up most of their time.