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April 2024

Early development programmes have a strong part to play in the current data centre skills shortage

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the demand for skilled professionals in the data centre industry has never been higher. And it's not just in our sector, sourcing technical talent and strategies to attract and retain them continues to be an issue in most sectors as a recent Deloitte article highlighted.

The next buzz in the city of bees: digital infrastructure, AI, and Manchester

Manchester has come a long way - from pioneering the world’s first stored program digital computer, to becoming the top tech city in the UK outside of London. The MCC 2021-2026 Digital Strategy now guides a £5bn digital economy, with more than 10,000 businesses employing over 96,000 people. It has seen the development of five unicorns and is still home to three, billion-pound businesses. So, the city of bees is buzzing.