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June 2023

Closer to the edge: what a locally national infrastructure can do for you

Edge computing is defined by bringing compute resources out of remote, centralised facilities and putting them at the source of the data itself. Processing and analysis is done where the data is actually generated. The performance and cost improvements that edge computing delivers are based on this proximity. By situating our data centres close to major populations, we have delivered these benefits to many UK businesses. It is an inherently ‘local’ idea.

Evolution at the edge: what matters when developing an edge strategy?

The evolution of information technology is governed by how businesses adapt to ever-increasing amounts of data. Those businesses most able to exploit more data, win. Terms such as ‘speed’ and ‘agility’ refer to how a business handles and uses this data. Given the 2.5 quintillion bytes created every day, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to create unassailable leadership.

Delivering UK-wide edge computing with platformEDGE

As the UK’s edge infrastructure provider, we’ve launched platformEDGE™ — a next-generation platform that will enable regional businesses across the UK to harness the opportunity of digital transformation. PlatformEDGE is a UK-wide integrated infrastructure that enables scalable, high-performance, low-latency edge application delivery.

Introducing platformEDGE - One platform, bringing the edge closer to you.

PlatformEDGE combines regional data centres, distrubuted compute and low latency connectivity to deliver improved performance, growth at scale and transformation for regional businesses across the UK. Our integrated platform reaches 95% of UK businesses through our strategically located data centres on the edge network of all major UK cities. Get secure, fast, and controlled access to data, where and when you need it.