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August 2022

Why a big bang approach is the wrong cloud strategy

Despite all the hype from the big cloud providers the truth is that most organisations rely on hybrid infrastructures now and will do so for the foreseeable future. Typically, this includes on-premises infrastructure and at least two public cloud providers. This is not a step on a journey to being 100 per cent cloud, it is the strategic destination many have chosen.

Why it makes sense to invest in a hybrid cloud future

A cloud-first strategy is increasingly seen as the standard way to achieve efficient business operations. As the favoured approach of new start-ups and expanding businesses wanting to benefit from the flexibility and resilience of the cloud, it’s little wonder that foundational cloud services saw a revenue growth of 38.5% in 2021 according to IDC. It looks like a fantastic package from the outside.

Technical debt does not disappear

Cloud is currently seen by some of the clients I speak with, as the answer to associated technical debt. Technical debt is like any other debt – growing year-on-year, month-by-month. Simply relocating a workload from your dated compute stack to someone else’s system or service is not a panacea to every business-led postponement.