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December 2021

Measuring the success of a deployment with GitHub actions

Last week, we took a look at how shareable activities - specifically the link made available to a particular activity’s logs in the management console - could be surfaced as a part of a GitHub integration using GitHub actions. It was a nice bit of fun playing around with GitHub actions for the first time, and it let me make something new and useful for my team’s work. But I caught a little bit of the curiosity bug.

Share your failures with robots: surfacing activities with GitHub actions

In our previous announcement, we announced that activities on Platform.sh were now shareable. If you need to send a member of our support team something fishy going on in your build hook, or get help from another member of your team about a database migration taking longer than expected, you can send them to the exact logline you need help with.

PHP 8.1 lays new ground on Platform.sh

Every year, the PHP foundation releases a new version of PHP that includes updated features for users. These new releases offer a sweet way to kick off every holiday season for developers and application makers (like me). Just days after its official release, we made PHP 8.1 available for all projects on our Grid plans. Now, you can take advantage of the long-awaited PHP 8.1 features on Platform.sh.

Share your failures, fix them faster with shareable activities

When you’re working with a Continuous Delivery workflow, you rely on building and deploying your websites in such a way that any improvements can be released into production any time. Identifying and fixing failures quickly is key to enabling rapid development cycles. But what happens when you’re looking into a failed build step, with no clue as to how to address it? You can now share links to specific lines within the activity logs.

Deploy Friday: E83 Why is typescript taking over the world?

If 15% of all JavaScript bugs can be detected by TypeScript, what's holding you back from using it? This week's DeployFriday is an expert panel who will discuss the benefits of TypeScript, including interesting new developments like the rise in popularity of Deno, a runtime for TypeScript that could replace Node.js on your next project.