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July 2021

Creating Envoy WebAssembly Extensions

In the CNCF ecosystem, Envoy, an open source service proxy developed by Lyft, is a very common choice in service mesh networking. In a previous post we discussed that both Consul and Istio leverage Envoy. Were you aware that you can extend Envoy’s capabilities with WebAssembly? What is WebAssembly? WebAssembly, or Wasm as it is often abbreviated, is not so much of a programming language as it is a specification for a binary instruction format that can be run in sandboxed virtual machines.

Choosing an API technology: gRPC, REST, GraphQL

How do you choose an API style and API technology when you start a new project? Today, if you look at API technology research such as RapidAPI Developer Survey and Insights, you’ll probably conclude that REST is the dominant force in the API landscape. While REST is certainly well-known to most developers and used in a lot of production environments, it may not be the best fit for every scenario.

Packet Capture Without "tcpdump" for Go Apps in Kubernetes

Every developer knows there are some utilities that are completely indispensable from their workflows. The programmer’s toolbelt, if you will. These toolbelts are usually different from person to person, but if there is one tool that everyone should use or at least know how to use, it is tcpdump. If you are unfamiliar, tcpdump is a tool that allows you to dump and inspect live network traffic being observed on a network interface.

Announcing Istio integration

Adoption of service meshes like Istio is increasing. As a result, Speedscale has developed a webassembly plugin. We extended Envoy using Rust, and no changes are required to your Istio configuration. This allows us to leverage the same sidecars that you have deployed throughout your environment to inspect API traffic. Once we are listening through Istio, the typical Speedscale magic can take place. We can use the data to build integration/performance test suites and autogenerate service mocks.