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May 2021

Top 15 Kubernetes Resources

While Kubernetes is a very powerful and comprehensive application, it can also be very complicated and confusing to new users. Thankfully, the community is great at pulling together to try to tame the Kubernetes beasts, and as more users join the platform, more handy tools to help you manage your cluster are developed. Kubernetes Resources range from everyday helper tools to development tools to troubleshooting tools, and in this article we’ll discuss fifteen of the best ones.

Replay Single Transactions for Root Cause Analysis

Speedscale was built primarily to provide engineering teams with better insight into their applications over time, replaying single transactions for root cause analysis that give developers and SREs confidence that tomorrow’s application code will work just as well in production as it did yesterday.

Testing in Production: How Did We Get Here?

Testing in production simply means testing new code changes in production, with live traffic, in order to test the system’s reliability, resiliency, and stability. It helps teams solve bugs and other issues faster, as well as effectively analyze the performance of newly released changes. Its overall purpose is to expose problems that can’t be identified in non-production environments for reasons that may include not being able to mimic the concurrency, load, or user behavior.

Out with GraphQL, in with gRPC

At Speedscale, we’re always trying to find ways to iterate faster and reduce developer toil. In line with that mission, we slant our engineering decisions towards using cutting edge tech because we usually move faster and it also allows us to help our customers later on when they upgrade their own tech stack. Recently, we had the opportunity to upgrade the communication channel between our api-gateway and react front end. This journey provided some unexpected benefits.