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April 2021

How our Field Teams' Productivity Skyrocketed with our New AIOps Studio

Lately, I have seen fewer call outs from our field teams to our solution engineering team, and I was wondering what could be the reason? Sometimes, our field engineers approach our solution engineering team with advanced requests for data analysis, running what-if scenarios and assessing the quality of data and what new value can be gleaned by combining related datasets.

AIOps in 2021 and Beyond: 5 Trends You Should Be Aware Of

As businesses become increasingly digital, IT operations now deal with more extensive and more complex data than before. Traditional tools and strategies might no longer be enough to help them cope with their growing workload. Hence, many organizations are tuning in to the various AIOps trends available. AIOps is short for Artificial Intelligence (AI) for IT Operations. This is where they use Machine Learning(ML) to enhance and automate IT functions.

Taming the Data Problem and Accelerating AIOps implementations with Robotic Data Automation (RDA)

RDA enables enterprises to operationalize machine data at scale to drive AI & analytics driven decisions. RDA automates repetitive data integration, preparation and transformation activities using bots that are invoked in “no-code” data workflows or pipelines. RDA helps to move data in and out of AIOps systems thereby simplifying and accelerating AIOps implementations that otherwise would depend numerous manual data integrations and professional services activities.