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September 2023

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3 Ways FinTechs Can Improve Cloud Observability at Scale

Financial technology (FinTech) companies today are shaping how consumers will save, spend, invest, and borrow in the economy of the future. But with that innovation comes a critical need for scalable cloud observability solutions that can support FinTech application performance, security, and compliance objectives through periods of exponential customer growth. In this blog, we explore why cloud observability is becoming increasingly vital for FinTech companies and three ways that FinTechs can improve cloud observability at scale.

How to Reduce Continuous Monitoring Costs

Continuous monitoring is a crucial practice in the fields of DevOps, cybersecurity, and compliance. It involves the proactive and ongoing process of observing, assessing, and collecting data from various systems, applications, and infrastructure components in real-time or near real-time. Continuous monitoring is closely related to observability, which goes beyond simple monitoring to provide a deep understanding of complex and dynamic systems.

5 AWS Logging Tips and Best Practices

If you’re an Amazon Web Services (AWS) user, you’re probably familiar with some of Amazon’s native services available for logging and monitoring, such as CloudWatch and CloudTrail. With that said, log management can get complicated quickly, especially if you’re dealing with a high volume of logs from AWS Lambda functions or a multi-cloud/hybrid cloud environment.

The Ultimate Guide to ELK Log Analysis

ELK has become one of the most popular log analytics solutions for software-driven businesses, with thousands of organizations relying on ELK for log analysis and management in 2021. In this ultimate guide to using ELK for log management and analytics, we’re providing insights and information that will help you know what to expect when deploying, configuring, and operating an ELK stack for your organization. Keep reading to discover answers to the following.