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March 2022

Everything you wanted to know about Securing the Software Supply Chain

You know you need to secure your software supply chain. Everyone’s telling you that these days - your executives, your vendors, even the United States government. Your organization has an initiative to do so, or maybe they’ve brought in an expert to help you achieve this goal. But hold on a minute - do we have a shared understanding of what a software supply chain is, and what exactly makes it secure?

Cloudsmith Supports OpenSSF's Efforts to Secure OSS

As part of our mission to make it simple to secure software at scale through Continuous Packaging, Cloudsmith is excited to announce that we have become an Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) member. OpenSSF is a cross-industry forum for a collaborative effort to improve security in open source software (OSS). One software pipeline's output is another's dependency- we are all splashing around in each other's supply chains.

To NuGet and Beyond: NuGet Ecosystem & Upstream Support at Cloudsmith

Calling All.Net / C# / PowerShell Dev’s! We heard you! While Cloudsmith has supported NuGet packages for a while now, we’ve now got more robust support for the NuGet ecosystem. Whether it’s a V2/V3 NuGet package you created in Visual Studio, a Chocolatey package, a PowerShell Module, or a dependent package from NuGet.org, they can all be hosted in the SAME Cloudsmith repository! This one-hour webinar event discusses and demos the latest NuGet ecosystem and upstream support now available at Cloudsmith.

Securing The Software Supply Chain Linux Foundation Webinar

From the history of supply chain security threats to security development and deployment we've covered everything you’ve always wanted to know about the software supply chain but were afraid to ask. Dan Lorenc, Founder/CEO, Chainguard, Paddy Carey, Senior Staff Engineer, Cloudsmith, Adil Leghari, Solutions Architect Manager, Cloudsmith and Dan McKinney, Developer Relations, Cloudsmith, gathered for a fireside chat to cover your most burning questions.