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September 2022

JFrog's Newest Board Member Shares Her Thoughts on DevOps, Security & IoT

As At JFrog, we are passionate about hiring talented people who will help us leap higher and think big, further our innovation, and win in the market – it’s written in our Codex. For this reason, we continue to grow our board of directors and advisors because having solid guidance and the right mix of talent on our board is important to help us, our community and shareholders reach the next level of success in a market that is defined by rapid transformation.

Get More From Your JFrog Platform Using the Cloud Marketplaces

These days, organizations of all types, sizes and industries are using the cloud for a wide variety of business reasons and use cases. Benefits include agility, elasticity, cost savings, ease of deployment, ease of management, ease of procurement and ability to leverage cutting edge technologies. JFrog customers are no different. Indeed, JFrog recognizes that many customers want a hybrid cloud approach with the ability to work across multi-clouds.

Expanding the security frontier with JFrog Xray

How are you currently addressing the challenges of securing your software supply chain? In today’s world it’s essential to go beyond just standard security tools when safeguarding your applications from development to production? But it doesn’t need a plethora of point solutions to do that. The JFrog DevSecOps Platform can take care of it. Expand the software security frontier and join the JFrog Product Management team, as they discuss how JFrog Xray provides intelligent supply chain security and compliance at DevOps speed.

JFrog Joins Rust Foundation as Platinum Member

The technology ecosystem is continually evolving but one truth remains, if there is a new and emerging coding language that captures the heart and minds of developers JFrog will be there. JFrog provides a DevOps Platform to store and secure its artifacts while engaging with the community and foundations that support developers using that language. We have a long history of working with Java, Python, C/C++ and more recently Go, Swift and Rust.

The Software Supply Chain Risks You Need to Know

Code that an organization’s developers create is only the beginning of modern software development. In fact, first-party code is likely to be only a small proportion of an application – sometimes as little as 10% of the application’s artifact ecosystem. An enterprise’s software supply chain is made of many parts, from many sources: open source packages, commercial software, infrastructure-as-code (IaC) files, and more.