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March 2022

Troubleshooting SCOM 2022 Teams Integration

When we were setting SCOM 2022 Teams integration in our environment these are some of the issues and fixes we discovered. For the full setup guide for SCOM 2022, or if you are looking for integrations for older versions of SCOM (2012 R2+) or more functionality, such as bi-directional sync, check out our blog on ‘How does SCOM 2022’s native Microsoft Teams Integration Work?’

SCOM 2022 - New Delegated Admin Role Customisation Function

Possibly the most anticipated feature of SCOM 2022 is Delegated Administrators! It’s not the shiniest of features but it has long been a pain point of SCOM admins, which have only ever been able to use three pre-defined roles to grant to users (plus read only). In SCOM 2022 you now have the ability to create Delegated Administrators, which overcomes some of the pain points previously felt with rigid roles and permissions.