Why choose Anodot for AWS cloud costs monitoring?

Why choose Anodot for AWS cloud costs monitoring?

Feb 8, 2021

Anodot collects AWS real-time usage metrics and AWS CUR files to enable full visibility.

Anodot automatically learns each service usage pattern, using patented anomaly detection technology and alert relevant teams to anomalous spikes or drops in real-time.

Our patented anomaly detection technology learns the behavior and every service you use - EC2, S3, ELB and the rest, to automatically identify any deviation from the expected usage and cost pattens. Leave alert storms, false positives, and dashboards behind and leverage the power of proactive, autonomous monitoring.

Cloud costs are among the top investments for many companies these days. Leading companies are adding another layer on top of cloud cost management and optimization, using 'Real-time Usage Alerts' for proactive monitoring of their cloud management stack.

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