What's new at Catchpoint! Fall 2023 Product Launch Event

What's new at Catchpoint! Fall 2023 Product Launch Event

Catchpoint is constantly evolving! Find out how Catchpoint’s newest products and capabilities accelerate time to detection, improve automation capabilities, and further expand our Global Observability Network.

Watch the webinar recording for a demo of our 2 new products:

Catchpoint Tracing – Extending the reach of IPM beyond the traditional Internet Stack to visualize request journeys through backend application components for more efficient and effective troubleshooting:

  • Diagnose application errors or performance bottlenecks in seconds.
  • Gain an outside-in perspective for tracing request journeys through the application stack.
  • Understand upstream or downstream application dependencies across native or non-native resources.

Internet Sonar - Internet Sonar intelligently provides simple, trustworthy, 3rd-party Internet health information at-a-glance so you can get ahead of productivity or experience-impacting incidents:

  • Unparalleled worldwide and regional visibility leveraging Catchpoint’s Global Observability Network
  • Hundreds of the most popular Internet services monitored including Internet Infrastructure (CDN, DNS, Cloud), SaaS (email, SaaS, UCaaS, SECaS), and MarTech (Ad serving, Analytics, Video).
  • Real-time email alerts as well as webhook or API access for easy integration into any application.
  • Automatic, AI-powered data correlation with active monitoring for simple, real-time status information.

Plus, a walk-through of some of our latest capabilities:

  • Full Open Telemetry Support
  • Enterprise Light Nodes
  • Traceroute ECN
  • Terraform Support
  • Sub-second Network Testing
  • Webpage Waterfall Compare
  • Zoom and Microsoft Teams Monitoring
  • Global Observability Network Improvements