What is time series data? | Aiven Info Bytes

What is time series data? | Aiven Info Bytes

Aug 6, 2021

You might be wondering, “What’s so special about time series data? Why do I need it?” When you start to look at the amount of data produced in our lives in just a single day, the need for a new database model soon becomes clear.

Read more about time series databases here:
Time series databases: https://aiven.io/time-series-databases
Aiven for M3: https://aiven.io/time-series-databases/aiven-for-m3
Managed M3 as a service: https://aiven.io/m3

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We help organizations fuel the continuous innovation needed to create awesome, data-intensive applications by using the leading open source technologies. After building expertise managing mission-critical data infrastructure for companies like F-Secure and Nokia, Aiven’s founders noticed that cloud adoption was increasing but infrastructure solutions were either proprietary or difficult to translate into business results.

They decided to strike out on their own to build a true, open source data cloud that allowed organizations to harness leading open source technology to build the modern infrastructure necessary to grow from prototyping to world-wide scale at greater and greater velocities.