Webinar: Windows Admin Center

Webinar: Windows Admin Center

Published Mar 27, 2019

Join Matthew Long and Dave Clarke as we take a look at Windows Admin Center, Microsoft's remote administration tool designed to look after not only your servers but your Windows 10 desktops, clusters, and hyper-converged infrastructure.

We start with a introductory look at WAC if you have never seen it before, breaking down what it can manage, how it can be deployed, and it's prerequisites. We then discuss where it fits within your monitoring toolbox, as it's often contrasted to other monitoring tools (since it has metric and event log) capabilities, and how it bests fits along side tools such as SCOM and Azure's various offerings.

Next, we take a look at what's been made available through the Windows Insiders program in the form of public previews. WAC is seeing continued investment by Microsoft and 3rd party vendors, and is seeing near monthly previews. If you want to get your hands on the latest and greatest, register for the Insiders program (link below) and get started today!

Finally, we take a look at the Squared Up extension that adds all of SCOM's powerful monitoring and reporting capabilities into WAC via embedding Squared Up. With the Squared Up extension you don't just have a single pane of glass for monitoring, but also configuration and issue triage. View incidents from your ITSM system, Alerts from SCOM, and resolve the issue all from a single web portal.

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