Webinar: What's new in SCOM 2019

Webinar: What's new in SCOM 2019

Join Matthew Long, Richard Benwell and Microsoft Program Manager Aditya Goda as they take a look at what is coming in System Center Operations Manager 2019.

Aditya walks us through some of the new features, including Alert notification improvements that make it easier to route alerts to the right people, but also improve the notification they receive. We also get to see changes to the Alert closure workflow that should prevent the long standing issue of operators closing alerts linked to unhealthy monitors.

Next Aditya shows us some of the improvements coming in Xplat monitoring and changes in the upcoming version of the Azure MP.

Finally we discuss your upgrade options from various versions of SCOM, and Aditya even provides us with a release date!

Big thanks to Aditya and the SCOM team for joining the webinar and helping answer attendee questions in chat, and everyone on the webinar for providing your feedback.

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