Webinar - Matrix tile deep dive

Webinar - Matrix tile deep dive

Published Nov 28, 2018

Join Matthew Long and Dave Clarke as they take a deep dive into one of the new features in Squared Up v4 - the Matrix tile.

The successor to the Dynamic Table tile available in Squared Up v3, the Matrix tile continues to examine what objects you want to visualise and select an appropriate grid view configuration automatically, but now takes that further with the ability to customise existing templates or create your own entirely!

We first start with showing how you can add and remove new columns to an existing layout, including a look at some of the configuration options available for some of the common cell tiles. We then show how you can control the layouts of the grid to ensure columns are the appropriate widths and are presented in their best light.

Finally, we go deep and for the first time show how you can create your own templates (row perspectives) that will not only show up automatically anywhere a dashboard author uses the Matrix tile, but also in VADA's Analyse mode.

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