Webinar: Free SCOM essentials you should be using

Webinar: Free SCOM essentials you should be using

Published Sep 25, 2019

Join Matthew Long from Squared Up, Bruce Cullen from Cookdown, and Azure and System Center MVP Tao Yang, as they take you through loads of free SCOM essential management packs and tools you really should be using.

Bruce starts us off with an introduction to Cookdown and their association with Squared Up, before diving into MPs that Cookdown provide for the SCOM community free of charge. This includes a new and improved version of Tao's phenomenally popular "SCOM Self Maintenance" MP, which really is a must for any SCOM administrator.

Next we look Easy Tune, which is a fantastic way to tackle arguably SCOM's biggest challenge of Alert tuning.

Finally, Bruce takes us through some other Cookdown offerings for ServiceNow that (whilst paid) offer incredibly powerful integration between SCOM and ServiceNow and are a must if you are using SNOW for your ITSM platform.

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