VirtualMetric's Heatmaps

VirtualMetric's Heatmaps

Within just a couple of seconds, you can see your entire server infrastructure’s status in a visual format in VirtualMetric's Heatmaps. All hardware and performance-related issues will be highlighted in the form of visual cues in neatly organized heat maps. The information is also updated in real-time, thus allowing you to catch errors before they pass the threshold.

👉 Flexible and scalable option
VirtualMetric, being cloud-based, can quickly adapt to changing server requirements and infrastructure setups.

👉 Real-time tracking
All monitoring data are tracked in real-time, allowing for timely actions to be taken. You can ensure high availability for your apps through VirtualMetric’s real-time monitoring capabilities.

👉 Proactive alerting for security
VirtualMetric #Monitoring issues Azure #alerts in case of suspicious activity and malware threats and prove to be a great asset in securing your server applications.

👉 Detailed reports
You get access to detailed Azure log analytics, and insights into resource usage and health status via inventory reports, virtual memory reports, VMware tools reports, VHBA reports, and more

👉 Agentless monitoring
#Monitoring with VirtualMetric requires minimal manual work and time as it requires no lengthy installation processes.

👉 Lightweight
VirtualMetric is extremely lightweight, occupying just 150 MB of memory and 4kbps bandwidth and just 15MB of storage per host.

👉 No upfront commitment
VirtualMetric doesn’t bind you with any upfront commitment. Our pay as you grow model allows you to scale up and down as needed.

Heatpmas is a useful tool, providing full visibility over your IT infrastructure at a glance!

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