VirtualMetric Presents: Database Monitoring

VirtualMetric Presents: Database Monitoring

VirtualMetric provides a powerful tool to observe your database performance and health.

With VirtualMetric's tool, you can monitor #Database Transactions, Database Statistics, #PerformanceMetrics and #Inventory from a single dashboard.

Drill down into detailed statistics to troubleshoot your database performance and optimize it. Ensure compliance and guarantee the security of stored data with advanced visibility across datasets.

Keep an eye on the Expensive Queries, track the query usage, and improve your database performance. You can monitor also the blocking queries, analyse them in details Index fragmentation.

In the Audit section, there is vital information like Change tracking and Event logs. Collect SQL logs or Windows Event logs and more. By performing regular database audits you prevent the chances for data breaches or thefts. And you ensure your compliance.

In the users section you can see the users of the database and the “replicas”.

VirtualMetric also tracks instance information like logins, roles, SQL config, endpoints, resource pools and availability groups.

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