Supply Chain Security Meetup June 21 2022 (Sponsored by JFrog)

Supply Chain Security Meetup June 21 2022 (Sponsored by JFrog)

Jun 24, 2022

Software Supply Chain Security Virtual Meetup

Open-source vulnerabilities are in many applications. While finding them is critical, even more, critical is remediating them as fast as possible.

Securing your software supply chain is absolutely critical as attackers are getting more sophisticated in their ability to infect software at all stages of the development lifecycle, as seen with Log4j and Solarwinds.

Hear from industry experts at our upcoming Meetup to learn more about 3rd party vulnerabilities, threat research on real data, Red Teaming of your software supply chain, and CVE Identification and Contextual Analysis.

Talk Start Times:

  • 00:12
  • 3rd party vulnerabilities through DNS - Chen Arie (
  • 37:56
  • Detection and Prevention of malicious packages and attacks - Jonathan Sar Shalom (JFrog)
  • 1:12:23
  • Red Teaming - Uriel Kosayev (ABInBev)
  • 1:41:40
  • Enhancing CVE Identification using the Contextual Analysis - Shachar Menashe (JFrog)