Start Kubernetes monitoring in 5 minutes with Netdata

Start Kubernetes monitoring in 5 minutes with Netdata

Mar 3, 2021

While Kubernetes (k8s) might simplify the way you deploy, scale, and load-balance your applications, not all clusters come with "batteries included" when it comes to monitoring. Doubly so for a monitoring stack that helps you actively troubleshoot issues with your cluster.

You need robust Kubernetes monitoring, but you don’t want to spend a week setting it up, much less a single valuable day.

Time for a quickstart tour into deploying powerful, per-second Kubernetes monitoring with Netdata. It takes just a few minutes to start seeing rich visualizations for every layer of your cluster with zero manual configuration or query languages. Just all your Kubernetes metrics, meaningfully organized, without the headache.

Best of all, these Kubernetes monitoring features are available entirely for free for every Netdata user and team.

We’re using the robot-shop as the demo deployment:

Deploy monitoring to your own cluster with the Netdata deployment doc:

Get a guided tour through monitoring every layer of your k8s cluster:

Read the reference doc for Netdata’s Kubernetes charts:

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