SolarWinds | Empowering Communities Since 1999

SolarWinds | Empowering Communities Since 1999

It started with a single spark.

In 1999, a network engineer came up with an idea for a simple tool to make his team's daily routine a little easier.

That initial spark of an idea would soon ignite an iconic flame, lighting the way for IT professionals all over the world.

SolarWinds has always been guided by a simple yet profound vision.

To make IT management software easier to use, more effective and more affordable.

As technology has evolved, we have too.

From on-premises to cloud-native and everything in between. We align data across networks, applications, servers, databases, and even ticketing systems, making the complexities of modern IT much easier to manage.

After all, the stakes are incredibly high.

Every day, IT professionals use our tools to support hospitals, schools, 911 call centers, and businesses where downtime can cost millions of dollars per minute. We proudly serve over three hundred thousand companies, institutions, and government organizations around the globe. Their success fuels our success.

Over the years, we've built a deep connection to our customers and the IT community. We listen to their needs. We help solve their challenges. And we enable them to thrive in a complex and ever-evolving technology landscape.

From that initial spark back in 1999, our flame has continued to grow and we will continue to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

We are always listening, always evolving, and always empowering our users.

We are SolarWinds.