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SolarWinds | Empowering Communities Since 1999

It started with a single spark. In 1999, a network engineer came up with an idea for a simple tool to make his team's daily routine a little easier. That initial spark of an idea would soon ignite an iconic flame, lighting the way for IT professionals all over the world. SolarWinds has always been guided by a simple yet profound vision. To make IT management software easier to use, more effective and more affordable.

AI Pipeline: Surfing from Concept to Product Reality - SolarWinds TechPod 084

In this conversation, hosts Sean Sebring and Chrystal Taylor talk with Derek Daly, Principal AIOps Product Manager at SolarWinds. He discusses his career journey and the role of AI and machine learning in the company's products. He shares insights into the process of introducing AI and machine learning into product features, the impact of AI on jobs, and the considerations for on-premises vs cloud deployment.