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THWACK Livecast: Automating Your Way Beyond Simple Incident Management

Presented by: Kevin M. Sparenberg (KMSigma) and David Russell (david.russell.CSM) It’s time to take your service desk solution to the next level with automation rules. Built on the framework of simple rules, you can improve efficiency, refine standardized processes, and transform the way your organization runs. This THWACK© Livecast is all about how automation rules in SolarWinds© Service Desk can help lighten the load and allow your teams to focus on those big picture projects which actually improve the business. Let's stop getting bogged down in the minutia and manual interaction of incident management and instead look at ways to lighten your load.

A Quick Guide to Observability vs APM vs Monitoring

The terms observability, APM, and monitoring are often used interchangeably. However, these solutions can actually be quite different depending on the overall needs of the business. In this video, SolarWinds Principal Product Marketing Manager Pete Di Stefano explains the differences between each of these terms and how using intelligence to integrate insights from APM and monitoring into a centralized observability solution is key to gaining a more comprehensive understanding of your entire IT ecosystem.

How to Import/Export Orion Modern Dashboards

The flexibility available in Modern Dashboards on the SolarWinds Orion Platform is nothing short of amazing. The dashboards are quick and easy to build and share. We'll guide you through the process of how to import a Modern Dashboard from THWACK and how to export your own to share with the SolarWinds community.

Extending Visibility Beyond the Edge | Discovering Observability: Session 3

Success! Hybrid Cloud Observability is installed and running, but you’re still struggling to get that “single-pane-of-glass” experience between your on-premises infrastructure and cloud services. Managing two systems—even if they’re running the same software—is an unnecessary burden and we’re here to help you with the next steps. This session is about connecting your data between Hybrid Cloud Observability and SolarWinds-as-a-Service for combined insights and increased visibility.

Securing the Software Development Build

Tim Brown, SolarWind CISO and VP, Security, explains how SolarWinds is ensuring the integrity of the build process and how we share learnings with our partners, community, and customers; as well as how we're leveraging and contributing to open-source initiatives and lead by example in securing the supply chain.

Observation Is More than Monitoring | Discovering Observability: Session 2

You’re ready to take the leap and move your existing Orion Platform infrastructure to Hybrid Cloud Observability, but we know you’ll have questions. So, we’ve put together some people who can answer these questions in a way that’s easily digestible for current Orion Platform users.

Charting a Course to Clearer Visibility | Discovering Observability: Session 1

As a monitoring professional, you’re responsible for tracking the elements in your infrastructure – regardless of where they live. You have the metrics, you’re collecting the logs, and you’re tracing the most important business processes, so you already have the critical parts required for true infrastructure visibility. But correlating the data, detecting anomalies, and being informed when things go awry is the challenge. Knowing a value is outside a threshold is great, but does that constitute a problem? Thankfully, SolarWinds® Hybrid Cloud Observability is here to give you that next level of insight.

5 Executive Blindspots Around Hybrid IT Observability

For tech leaders, staying on top of hybrid and multi-cloud complexity with traditional monitoring tools is not easy task -- and can create distinct visibility gaps across your environments. SolarWinds Hybrid Cloud Observability can help put you on the path to better business outcomes.

How to Import/Export Orion Custom Query Widgets

Advanced Orion Platform users are familiar with the power of the Custom Query widget, but getting started can be difficult. Thankfully, you can download pre-existing widgets directly from THWACK to get you started. Then, after you've crafted some of your own, you can return the love and share yours with the community.