Software development from anywhere with a dash of - Civo Online Meetup #14

Software development from anywhere with a dash of - Civo Online Meetup #14

Oct 7, 2021

Philippe Charrière (Gitlab) and Geoffrey Huntley (Gitpod) joined us for two talks on utilising Gitpod: A tool for spinning up automated development environments, in the cloud, for any task.

  • = One cloud IDE to rule them all (Philippe Charrière) =-
  • As a Technical Account Manager (at GitLab) Phillipe often needs to demo GitLab features to help customers gain more "DevOps" (or CI/CD) maturity. So having the ability to create and deploy infrastructure quickly for new demo environments is crucial. This is where Gitpod and Civo come in.

In this talk Philippe walked through deploying GitLab Runner quickly on Kubernetes by provisioning GitPod on a Civo Kubernetes cluster, connecting to it, and setting up the GitLab Kubernetes integration.

  • = What if the industry didn’t use Docker? (Geoffrey Huntley) =-
  • The recent announcements by the Docker corporation regarding pricing has prompted some organizations to consider moving to alternatives such as Podman which is - at its core - still Docker. Docker solved many problems in the industry related to distribution of software via encapsulation, but also created software supply chain problems.

In this session you’ll learn about source/binary substitution, how Nix differs from Docker, how to generate smaller Docker images from Nix expressions and how to deploy them onto your Kubernetes cluster using KubeNix and Nixery without a single line of YAML.