Rethink Analytics: Don't be fooled by cloud washing

Rethink Analytics: Don't be fooled by cloud washing

Beware of Cloudwashing: Signs Your Vendor Is Pulling One Over on You

The choices facing today's enterprise executives are far more complex than whether to adopt cloud or not - that is mostly decided. The question is how to do it well. In particular, are the tools they are using to monitor performance and security truly built to run and scale in their cloud environment. Many vendors are "cloud washing" customers by simply adding the word "cloud" to their service offerings without truly being able to deliver on their promises.

In this webinar, Sumo Logic's Ben Newton and cloud industry expert, Robert Christiansen, explore the challenges companies face and how to make sure you have the right tools for success in the cloud.

You know what is going on when somebody whitewashes a controversial subject or greenwashes an environmentally unsound service. They are tricking you. Cloudwashing is pretty much the same thing, but it can sometimes be harder to spot.

It is important to know cloudwashing when you see it. When a vendor tries to cloudwash a traditional, old application, passing it off as “cloud native” or “cloud enabled,” you need to call them on it. If you get fooled, you are putting part, if not all, of your cloud implementation at risk.

The benefits of using true cloud solutions are clear. You want to take advantage of all the benefits cloud offers – the flexible pricing, elastic usage, resilient storage, robust performance, geo-redundancy, connectivity, high availability and minimal maintenance that enterprises have come to expect from the cloud. Buy a cloudwashed solution, and you might get some of these benefits, but once the paint dries, you will be able to tell the difference.