Resolve Actions PRO - Welcome to the Introductory Video Series

Resolve Actions PRO - Welcome to the Introductory Video Series

Feb 2, 2023

Welcome to the introductory video series for Resolve Actions PRO, where I will introduce some of the main features and functionality of our enterprise-class IT Automation & Orchestration platform.

Using Resolve Actions, you can trigger the automations you have built, from pretty much any 3rd-party tool or service. For example; you may use ServiceNow to create incidents or service requests and Resolve can automatically intercept these newly created tickets and execute your specific automations for a completely hands-off approach. Your incidents can be auto-remediated and your users get what they want when they need it, all within a few seconds of creating the service request.

The automations you build can do almost anything, from provisioning new servers, creating user accounts, diagnosing network switch issues, adding firewall rules, validating and re-routing incoming tickets, database queries, etc. Whatever it is, you can automate it with Resolve Actions.

Some of the topics that we will cover in this introductory video series include picking apart what a runbook is in Resolve Actions, including the individual building blocks (called Action Tasks) and other elements that make up the automation or workflow.

I'll show you how you can create an automation in Resolve Actions, and how you can use a low-code or no-code approach, or even a bring-your-own-code approach to create your own building blocks of an automation or workflow.

Please enjoy the introductory video series and let us know any feedback in the comments below.