Practical Tips & Tricks For Securing Your CI/CD Pipelines

Practical Tips & Tricks For Securing Your CI/CD Pipelines

Mar 23, 2022

Many enterprises still struggle to get security right. To protect their business, it is critical they focus on security during the entire infrastructure and application lifecycle, including continuous integration and deployment.

In this workshop, we will cover security mechanisms you can employ in your CI/CD pipelines to tighten security while enabling developers to push their code, quickly and safely.

These include:
Spotting insecure practices in CI/CD pipelines
Automating security scans as part of your CI/CD pipelines, and overview of various tools available
Deploying to various environments from a single pipeline
Implementing access controls and permissions
Integrating a manual review and approval process in your deployment flow

The session includes guided presentation and demonstration of the features discussed in practice and features live questions from the audience.