Optimize your signal with Rollbar

Optimize your signal with Rollbar

Mar 11, 2022

Learn some helpful tips on reducing noise and improving the value of your Rollbar events. In this session, we will be discussing the different ways to improve your signal in a dual manner.

First, we'll review the ways to improve and modify your item grouping, and then we'll discuss how to reduce noise inside your stack traces and boost the value of your individual events by enhancing their content.

After that, we'll cover intelligent alerting and review ways to improve your notifications. With these improvements, you can further decrease your MTTx and improve your users' quality of life!

0:00 Introduction & Housekeeping

1:18 Agenda

2:21 Signal vs Noise

5:30 Grouping optimization

12:34 Cleaning up traces

15:00 Intelligent alerting

16:23 Adaptive alerts

17:40 Demo

33:39 Q&A and Resources

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