THE NETWORK IS EVERYTHING: Bmore IT uses Auvik to ensure their clients are always connected.

THE NETWORK IS EVERYTHING: Bmore IT uses Auvik to ensure their clients are always connected.

May 30, 2019

Bmore IT is a managed service provider based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

We're at a LAN party. In essence, everything is all about technology. It's about connecting people together, not only by our interests, but also by technology and by computers. So in essence network is everything.

Currently we have around 900 to 1,000 connected devices across the arena.

Auvik helps us monitoring this LAN party by making sure that we know what every device is doing at every given time and if it's not behaving correctly we can fix that. We can respond before the participants can come to us and just say that well, I'm having an issue. Yeah, we know. We're fixing it.

My name is Daniel Karlsson. I am a network consultant at Bmore IT. We do everything from Windows servers to networking to clients to end user management. Basically everything that a company needs to be able to run.

We do have customers that are completely dependent on the network infrastructure and that packets are able to get from A to B at all times.

Auvik to me is a way for me to know quick and easy if my customer networks are actually up and running, if they're working correctly, if I have valid backups because backups of a switch or network infrastructure is just as important as backups on the server. And having visibility over all of that in a quick display window where even service desk professionals can understand what's going on is... it's great.

Hi, my name is Fredrik and I work as a cyber security advisor and a hacker at Bmore.

One of the awesome things that we realized about Auvik early on was that we could have what we define as continuous documentation. Because we get out to a customer site and they have all these switches and Visio diagrams and Excel sheets. And even though if they had it, it's not going to be up to date. So we need to go through everything again. But if the customer is running Auvik we will just know the current state of it and just build on it.

Auvik gives us visibility and even the junior engineers are able to understand what's going on without having to log into the system and read the logs.

It's always the smallest things that makes the biggest problem and finding the smallest thing, the simplest things, is often not what you're looking for. In this case it was a broken fibre cable or a semi-broken fibre cable. It still transmitted packages so we didn't really get an alarm that the interface went down or anything like that.

Auvik actually told us that we were getting discards on one of the sides and not the other one. Without that it would have taken hours to find out where this problem was but with Auvik we actually got to know that there was something wrong between two interfaces. And doing that it was easy to just switch out the cable and make sure that we saw that everything was flowing perfectly. And it did.

In a modern world like the one we have today where internet uptime is everything, it is more critical than ever that we manage to make sure that people are connected at all times because if they don't.. if they're not connected they lose revenue and revenue is everything for a business.

Everybody's in the situation where they kind of know security is important and they've been, we've been working for years and years with the typical stuff like uptime, maintenance, and all that good stuff. And they never really thought about the security aspect which is a totally different mindset.

Because you can spend a lot of money on uptime but if somebody gets in and shuts your shit down then you've got a problem.

Our customers need to know that we have their back at all times. And I feel that we can do that with Auvik.