Netdata Agent release v1.35

Netdata Agent release v1.35

Jun 14, 2022

The latest Netdata Agent release v1.35 introduces massive improvements for the machine learning-powered Anomaly Advisor, Metric Correlations, Kubernetes monitoring, and much more.

Anomaly Advisor & on-device Machine Learning
This release features a launch of the flagship machine learning (ML) assisted troubleshooting Anomaly Advisor. Unsupervised ML models are trained for every metric, at the edge, on your devices, enabling real-time anomaly detection across all your systems and applications.

Metric Correlations can now run on the Agent
Metric Correlations enables you to quickly identify metrics and charts related to a point of interest for deeper root cause analysis. Metric Correlation was previously available on Netdata Cloud and with this release is now accessible on the Netdata Agent, which reduces the time required to run. This means the Metric Correlations can now run almost instantly, more than 10x faster than before.

Kubernetes monitoring
Netdata's K8s monitoring improvements with this release include reducing consumption of resources and increasing the performance of detecting changes under certain container conditions. There's even more progress that we've made with K8s, see the release notes to learn about all of the developments.

And there's even more! There's a lot more improvements, check out the release notes to get all the details:

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