.NET chiselled Ubuntu Containers | Canonical x Microsoft Interview

.NET chiselled Ubuntu Containers | Canonical x Microsoft Interview

Feb 20, 2024

Dive deep into the collaboration between Canonical and Microsoft as we explore the latest innovation in the world of containers and.NET.

In this interview, Richard Lander, Principal Program Manager for.NET at Microsoft, sits down with Cristovao Cordeiro, Engineering Manager for Containers at Canonical, to discuss the exciting developments post the launch of chiselled Ubuntu on Microsoft.NET with a focus on.NET 8, the latest release from Microsoft.

🌐 Canonical's Approach to Distroless Containers: Discover Canonical's unique approach to distroless containers and how it is reshaping the landscape of containerization.

🆕 What's New in.NET 8: Get an insider's perspective on the latest enhancements and features introduced in.NET 8. Richard Lander shares insights into the cutting-edge advancements that developers can leverage to elevate their projects and streamline development workflows.

📦 Exploring the size and efficiency of chiselled Ubuntu Containers: Uncover the dimensions of chiselled Ubuntu containers and understand their significance in modern software development. Cristovao Cordeiro sheds light on the scale and efficiency of these containers, providing valuable insights for developers and IT professionals.

⏰ Getting Production-Ready with chiselled Ubuntu: We delve into how Chiselled Ubuntu prepares you for seamless production deployment.

🌐 General Availability Release of chiselled Ubuntu on.NET 8: Explore the features, benefits, and the exciting possibilities this collaboration brings to the world of software development.

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