Navigating AI Adoption in MSPs

Navigating AI Adoption in MSPs

Jun 13, 2024

Explore how AI is transforming the MSP industry, from strategic applications to regulatory concerns, with Nicole Reineke, AI Strategist at N-able.

Join Pete Roythorne and Nicole Reineke, AI Strategist at N-able, as they dive into the evolving role of AI in the Managed Service Provider (MSP) industry. Discover how AI is being utilized beyond marketing and code creation, the current opportunities, regulatory challenges, and strategies for MSPs to integrate AI effectively.

Download Nicole’s White Paper, AI for MSPs at

In this episode, we explore the current state and future potential of AI within the MSP industry. We discuss the findings of the MSP Horizons report, highlighting how AI usage has evolved from marketing and code creation to more strategic applications such as predictive maintenance and efficiency improvements. Nicole explains the concept of "Shadow AI," where employees use AI tools independently, leading to broader acceptance and integration within businesses.

The conversation also addresses the growing regulatory concerns, with a shift from fear of AI to understanding its legal and ethical implications. Nicole emphasizes the need for transparency and consent when using AI, particularly in handling customer and employee data. They discuss practical steps MSPs can take to adopt AI responsibly, including setting clear standards for data use, ensuring transparency, and leveraging community resources like Huggingface.

Nicole outlines a process for MSPs to evaluate AI products, considering factors like data availability, technological feasibility, business value, and risk. She also highlights that modern tools have leveled the playing field, allowing even small MSPs to harness AI's power effectively. The episode concludes with a discussion on ensuring data integrity and the importance of data engineering in successful AI implementation.

Listeners are encouraged to explore available resources, including a white paper on AI adoption for MSPs and guidelines from industry leaders like IBM and the Center for Humane Technology.

Key Points:

00:43 - Shift from basic AI uses to strategic opportunities.

02:15 - The concept of "Shadow AI" and widespread personal use.

07:03 - Differences between using external AI tools and embedding AI into technology.

08:49 - Importance of transparency and human approval in AI processes.

10:02 - Necessity of informing customers about embedded AI technology and data use.

13:04 - How MSPs can implement AI principles and manage customer expectations.

16:07 - Resources and templates for MSPs to navigate AI adoption.

17:39 - Legal considerations and transparency for MSPs adopting AI.

18:44 - Process for evaluating AI products and understanding their value.

23:26 - AI tools available for all MSPs, regardless of size.

25:13 - Ensuring data integrity and the importance of proper data engineering.

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