Meeting the Data-Related Challenges of Your Cloud Migration

Meeting the Data-Related Challenges of Your Cloud Migration

Mar 18, 2021

Cloud migration is the process of moving digital assets, including data and applications, to a remote server or “cloud.”

Organizations use erwin Cloud Catalyst to simplify and accelerate cloud migration.

One common example of a cloud migration is the transfer of data from an on-premise data center to a public, cloud-computing environment. As organizations become increasingly digital and data-driven, cloud migrations are becoming more common.

In this Datamation Video Roundtable presented by erwin, Inc., editor James Maguire interviews erwin Product Marketing Director Danny Sandwell and Vice President of Consulting Services Tony Mauro about cloud migration. The conversation covers:

  • Factors influencing the adoption of cloud migration
  • Security concerns
  • Automation needs
  • Biggest challenges
  • Data modeling, governance and transformation management tools to speed the process and reduce errors

The cloud has many operational and competitive advantages, so cloud-first and other cloud transformation initiatives continue to be among the top data projects organizations are pursuing.

For many of those yet to adopt and adapt, it is a case of “when,” not “if,” the enterprise will undergo a form of digital transformation requiring data migration to the cloud.

Due to the prevalence of internal and external market disruptors, many organizations are aligning their digital transformation and cloud migration efforts with other strategic requirements (e.g., preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation). Now organizations must navigate a post-COVID world and the challenges of empowering and providing for a remote workforce.

“Due to the current environment, [cloud migration] is absolutely a requirement. This is forcing everybody to fast track their cloud migrations and improve initiatives so that they can remain operational and relevant in the marketplace,” says Tony Mauro, erwin’s Vice President of Consulting Services.

Mauro also urged organizations to think of the long game, stating that cloud migration cannot be seen as a one-off or “a silver bullet.”

“[Cloud migration] is really about setting up a company for it to be resilient over time, to be able to govern information and migrate over and over again as technologies change,” he continued.

The erwin product portfolio was designed to help organizations do just that, while also enabling them to achieve quicker time to value when moving data to the cloud. Multiple erwin solutions, including erwin Cloud Catalyst help manage and govern information throughout the cloud migration process.

With erwin, organizations can automatically document architectures, scanning every single repository you have within your environment. From there, erwin allows organizations to add business context so that people can more easily understand what information they are tracking, where it is stored, who has access to it, and the associated risks.

erwin also helps transform legacy structures and information into a cloud-ready format and automate this process too. As Mauro stresses, “Cloud migration is just not a lift and shift. Usually when we are going from an on-premise environment to a cloud environment, we are actually converting two different technologies.”

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