KMC - Observing and Optimizing Your Rancher Env (with Datadog)

KMC - Observing and Optimizing Your Rancher Env (with Datadog)

Nov 3, 2020

Kubernetes has exploded in popularity due to its versatility, ease of use, and powerful autoscaling abilities. With Rancher, teams can seamlessly manage their Kubernetes and cloud-native workloads. Getting observability into such a dynamic technology, however, remains challenging.

In this master class, Datadog’s Aaron Kalin will discuss popular open source monitoring technologies, the surprising importance of SLOs and SLAs, and the role of game days in improving mean time to detection and resolution (MTTD/R). Aaron will also discuss how Datadog can augment and enhance Prometheus to extract high-quality, granular data from Rancher-managed Kubernetes clusters.

Key points to be covered:

  • Defining observability
  • Demo of Datadog E-Commerce App
  • Enabling Prometheus and Grafana
  • Key metrics to watch for