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Rancher Live: Container Registries and Harbor

Join us for an insightful session on "Container Registries and Harbor," where we will be diving into the world of containerized applications and their management. Container registries are essential repositories that store, manage, and distribute container images, playing a crucial role in the deployment and scalability of applications across different environments.

Rancher Live: Building for the edge

The rise of Edge deployments has changed the landscape of problems that enterprises face. The growing importance of zero-touch provisioning at the edge has caused a shift in how downstream workloads are deployed and configured. Low bandwidth and air-gapped scenarios have complicated the existing provisioning workflows, shifting the configuration burden from a post-deployment solution to the base image.

Intel x SUSE demo with Alexey Fomenko

At #Kubecon EU in Paris, Erin Quill, our Principal Technical Marketing Manager, met with Alexey Fomenko from @Intel to discuss all things Dynamic Resource Allocation (DRA) in the #cloudnative #AI ecosystem. In this video, learn more about how Intel's DRA driver allows better isolation of the GPU resources available to your #kubernetes clusters.

Rancher Live: What's new with NeuVector?

Gather around all #ebpf enthusiasts! In this episode of Rancher Live, we bring together everyone's favourite new buzzword with the first-ever, fully #opensource #container security platform from @SUSE, NeuVector. Join Divya Mohan as she hosts Glen Kosaka and Tracy Walker from the NeuVector team to delve deeper into the eBPF x NeuVector synergy on 25th April at 9 AM PT.

Rancher Prime with Peter Smails

At KubeCon EU 2024, we announced the release of the newest version of our Rancher Prime platform. It empowers teams to seamlessly navigate the complexities of #kubernetes and delivers everything #platformengineering teams need to deploy, run, and manage their containerized workloads anywhere—from the data center to the hybrid cloud to the edge. Divya Mohan, our Principal Technology Advocate, caught up with Peter Smails, GM of Enterprise Container Management, to delve into the capabilities of the newest version and what lies ahead for our customers.

Rancher Live: The legal aspects of open source

Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies have become widely adopted in the last decade, making them ubiquitous. This has significantly contributed to the open-source movement and highlighted the importance of policymaking in the successful adoption and sustainability of the ecosystem. However, understanding and navigating the complex legal landscape on the path to production can be challenging, particularly for developers seeking to understand the ecosystem. That’s why, in this episode of Rancher Live, we will take a slight detour from talking tech to deconstructing some key policy issues associated with open-source software with OpenUK's CEO, Amanda Brock.