How to get the most out of Pandora FMS User Experience

How to get the most out of Pandora FMS User Experience

Pandora WUXServer is an internal Pandora FMS server component, which allows users to automate their web navigation sessions.

The WUX or Web User Experience feature is a simple and efficient way to check the status and proper function or your websites and applications from a single centralized point (Pandora FMS).

Thanks to it, you may reproduce a 100% real transaction, as if it were done by any of your users. You are even provided with the option to choose the browser this transaction may be performed with among the most popular ones in the market (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer).

By using this feature, you may learn your application's response time and whether the transaction was finished or there was any unexpected failure and you may even get a browser screenshot if the defined transaction was not completed.
You may also make use of this information in graphical reports, alerts and all the options that such a powerful tool as Pandora FMS offers.

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