Hitting the Right Notes: Luis Giraldo's Path to Advocating for MSPs

Hitting the Right Notes: Luis Giraldo's Path to Advocating for MSPs

May 9, 2024

In this revealing episode of "Now That's IT," Luis Giraldo, Chief Experience Officer at ScalePad, shares his unique journey from a world-class musician to a revered MSP advocate, discussing cthe pivotal transitions and decisions that shaped his career and how his background in music provided a rhythmic foundation for his innovative approach to MSP advocacy.

Tune in as Luis provides actionable insights on navigating vendor relationships, leveraging personal experience to foster industry change, and advocating effectively for MSP interests. Whether you're an aspiring MSP owner or an established leader, this episode is packed with strategies to amplify your influence in the MSP ecosystem. Don't miss out on learning how to harmonize your business goals with industry dynamics, all while ensuring your voice is heard in the vendor landscape.

Join us to find out how you can also hit the right notes in your MSP journey with Luis Giraldo's expert guidance!

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