Go from 0 to monitoring in minutes with Netdata

Go from 0 to monitoring in minutes with Netdata

Nov 11, 2020

Netdata is zero-configuration monitoring. It’s a principle that we’ve stood behind since the project’s beginning, when it was only our CEO Costa trying to solve a “painful, real-world problem,” and it’s one we stand by today. Our insistence on zero-configuration guides every product decision we make, every grooming process, and every React component our frontend teams design.

In fact, zero-configuration is the exact reason why Netdata’s dashboard is open and accessible by default. It’s how Netdata gets you from 0 monitoring to thousands of metrics, collected every second and visualized in real time, in a matter of minutes.

Read more about why we're driven by zero-configuration, and the impact it has on your monitoring solution, in our blog post: https://www.netdata.cloud/blog/how-netdata-gets-you-from-0-to-monitoring-in-minutes/

If you don't yet have the Netdata Agent installed, or haven't claimed your node to Netdata Cloud, read up on our installation process: https://learn.netdata.cloud/docs/get