Exploring the AI impact on Logistics ft. Carolyn Mooney

Exploring the AI impact on Logistics ft. Carolyn Mooney

Feb 9, 2024

In this episode, Rob is joined by Carolyn Mooney, the CEO of Nextmv, a decision ops platform. As a seasoned expert in Decision Science, Carolyn delves into the nuanced differences in decision optimization and logistics across various industries, drawing from her experiences at Zoomer and Grubhub.

The conversation unfolds around the decision maturity life cycle, exploring how companies progress from manual spreadsheet decisions to fully automated systems. They reflect on the impact of the pandemic on supply chain issues, emphasizing the heightened awareness of logistics' significance. Carolyn shares insightful perspectives on the fundamental role of optimization for efficiency in sustainability initiatives.

With the transformative impact of increased AI awareness in logistics, Rob and Carolyn share the importance for all companies to contemplate the options and potential for enhancing their organizational efficiency.

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