Elastic Observability Keynote: Unified, Actionable, Frictionless

Elastic Observability Keynote: Unified, Actionable, Frictionless

Dec 9, 2021

Elastic Observability makes it easier for organizations to store, search, and analyze any type of data, from any source, to keep systems running (and customers happy). And with our most recent release, we’ve continued to make this even faster and simpler, from automated root cause analysis to centralized agent management with Elastic Agent.

Join the keynote to learn what’s on the Elastic Observability roadmap and how upcoming innovations will continue to break down barriers for users with frictionless onboarding, integrated workflows, and actionable observability with AIOps.

Tanya Bragin, VP Product Management, Observability, Elastic
Alex Fedotyev Senior Manager, Product Management, Observability, Elastic
Drew Post, Principal Product Manager, Observability, Elastic
Cyrille LeClerc, Director Product Management, Observability, Elastic

Learn more: https://www.elastic.co/elasticon