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The Met Office gains valuable data insights to make informed decisions with Elastic

The Met Office, the UK's national weather service, is tasked with predicting the unpredictable - the ever-changing weather patterns that can have a huge impact on people's lives. Having been in the business for over 150 years, they require a reliable and powerful monitoring and insights capability to ensure their systems and processes run optimally.

RCA Series: Root Cause Analysis in Observability with Elastic AIOps (2/4)

Root cause analysis empowers you to prevent issues from recurring that were revealed by your monitoring IT systems and online applications including eCommerce sites. See Elastic engineers walk you through applying four AIOps capabilities and accelerate MTTR by automatically categorizing logs, explaining log rate spikes, visually inspecting anomalous components in their context, and correlating slow or failed transactions with potential root causes.

RCA Series: Accelerate security investigations w/ machine learning and Elastic (3/4)

Comprehensive security requires multiple layers of threat protection. Sophisticated threats exploit idiosyncrasies in your environment. Unsupervised machine learning identifies patterns of normal activity from your data, and therefore can catch attacks that standard approaches to threat hunting, such as pre-defined rules, are likely to miss. This video explains how machine learning adds a layer to your threat protection, and how interactive tools offered in the Elastic Security solution accelerate the investigation of security incidents.

RCA Series: Root Cause Analysis in Manufacturing, Electric Grids & Connected Devices (4/4)

With digitization adopted in many industries, real-time data from manufacturing and operational equipment can be used to monitor and optimize operation - by applying data-driven modeling including machine learning. Learn how you can ingest sensor data from industrial processes and operational equipment into Elastic, build monitoring dashboards and set up automated alerts in Kibana, and apply predictive modeling to optimize your operations (OT).

Log monitoring and unstructured log data, moving beyond tail -f

Log files and system logs have been a treasure trove of information for administrators and developers for decades. But with more moving parts and ever more options on where to run modern cloud applications, keeping an eye on logs and troubleshooting problems have become increasingly difficult. Watch this video to learn how to go beyond tail -f and process custom and unstructured logs with Elastic.

Using Elastic Anomaly detection and log categorization for root cause analysis

Elastic's machine learning helps support several easy-to-use features to help determine root cause analysis for logs. This includes anomaly detection and log categorization, which are easy-to-use features aiding in analysis without the need to understand or know about machine learning.