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Designing and Creating a State-of-the-Art AIOps Solution with Elastic

In this session we will go over our journey during the design and creation of the Tuuring state-of-the-art AIOps solution dedicated to digital performance. We'll highlight our major breakthroughs, lessons learned, how Elastic powers the solution and the value it brings for our customers. Speakers: Eric van Wijhe, Commercial Director, Tuuring Pierre van Elswijk, CEO and Co-founder, Tuuring

ElasticON Global Opening Keynote: Solving for Innovation

Join co-founder and CEO Shay Banon, Chief Product Officer Ash Kulkarni, and special guest Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Cloud and AI at Microsoft, to hear the latest about Elastic’s vision for the future. Speakers: Shay Banon, Founder & CEO, Elastic Ash Kulkarni, Chief Product Officer, Elastic Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Cloud and AI, Microsoft

Elastic Observability Keynote: Unified, Actionable, Frictionless

Elastic Observability makes it easier for organizations to store, search, and analyze any type of data, from any source, to keep systems running (and customers happy). And with our most recent release, we’ve continued to make this even faster and simpler, from automated root cause analysis to centralized agent management with Elastic Agent. Join the keynote to learn what’s on the Elastic Observability roadmap and how upcoming innovations will continue to break down barriers for users with frictionless onboarding, integrated workflows, and actionable observability with AIOps.

Microservice Choreography and Triaging Errors with Elastic Observability and the Elastic Stack

Brolly is Australia’s leading social media archiving service, comprising dozens of microservices deployed to Kubernetes. Learn how Brolly leverages the Elastic Stack to collect pod and infrastructure logs, keep track of failures in the data pipeline, and identify and recover from errors. Speakers: Salman Ahmed, Solutions Architect, Brolly Omid Mirzaei, Software Engineer, Brolly