DNS Dashboard | Tigera - Long

DNS Dashboard | Tigera - Long

May 4, 2021

While it’s an essential part of Kubernetes, DNS is also a common source of outages and issues in Kubernetes clusters. Debugging and troubleshooting DNS issues in Kubernetes environments is not a trivial task given the limited amount of information Kubernetes provides for DNS queries.

The DNS Dashboard in Calico Enterprise and Calico CLoud helps Kubernetes teams more quickly confirm or eliminate DNS as the root cause for microservice and application connectivity issues.

The DNS Dashboard enables you to:

View the total number of DNS queries and replies
Classify and view DNS codes by service
Classify queries and replies by record type
Determine the source of a query and whether it is from a workload or service
Filter on troubleshooting scenarios
Automatically log all DNS queries and replies
Since all query data is logged, Security teams can apply Global Alerts in Calico Enterprise and Calco Cloud to define alerts that are automatically triggered based on certain criteria using the logged data. Security teams can then answer the following questions:

What DNS servers are being queried?
How much data is being transferred and received by each pod?
How many queries are being received?
By eliminating a lot of manual, time-consuming introspection typically required, it accelerates troubleshooting and problem resolution in Kubernetes environments. No other vendor offers this automated capability.