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Active Zero Trust Security for Containers and Kubernetes

Tigera provides the industry’s only active Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) with full-stack observability for containers, Kubernetes, and cloud. Calico prevents, detects, troubleshoots, and automatically mitigates exposure risks of security issues in build, deploy, and runtime stages across multi-cluster, multi-cloud, and hybrid deployments. Calico works with popular managed Kubernetes services such as AKS, EKS, and GKE, as well as self-managed Kubernetes distributions including Red Hat OpenShift, SUSE/Rancher, VMware Tanzu, and Mirantis.

Join Us to learn Service Mesh, Observability and Beyond

How can you scale your organization without losing an understanding of your environment? Services mesh is here to help! It gives you the observability of connected services and is easier to adopt than you might think. Come and learn service mesh concepts, best practices, and key challenges.

Threats targeting Kubernetes and Defences

Attackers are continuously evolving their techniques to target Kubernetes. They are actively using Kubernetes and Docker functionality in addition to traditional attack surfaces to compromise, gain required privileges and add a backdoor entry to the clusters. A combination of Kubernetes security and observability tools is required to ensure the cloud infrastructure monitoring and lockdown and to enable DevSecOps teams with the right tools for the job.

Securing Kubernetes workloads at Discover Financial Services

It’s a daunting task starting down the path to securing your workloads running on Kubernetes in the Cloud. There are no shortages of vendors with great tools in the Cloud security space. There is a multitude of domains that must be accounted for, along with internal challenges in bringing an organization along into new ways of thinking. This talk will focus on Discover’s Cloud security journey, with an overview of how the program has evolved over the last 4 years, key capabilities & concepts that have been embraced and challenges faced.

Ensuring adequate security, observability, & compliance for cloud native applications

Containers, Microservices, and cloud-based applications have revolutionized the way companies build and deliver products globally. This has also changed the attack surface and requires very different security strategies and tools to avoid exposure to sensitive information and other cyber attacks. Regulatory compliance has also evolved making it ever so important for companies to adapt to this new paradigm.

Applying policy as code in the modern cloud-ready enterprise: Graeme Hay, Morgan Stanley

Join us as we look at the advantages, but also the practical challenges, of applying modern, policy-as-code ("PaC") approaches in a modern cloud-ready enterprise. This talk will show how Morgan Stanley is drawing upon years of experience in its own proprietary implementation of PaC in its approach to embracing today's ideas. We will look at a diverse set of considerations from GitOps as a method to applying PaC in modern software development and deployment to enforcement of best practices and compliance in the Cloud.

The Crossroad of Security & Observability in Kubernetes: A Fireside Chat

Security as an afterthought is no longer an option and must be deeply embedded in the design and implementation of the products that will be running in the cloud. It is increasingly more critical for many security teams to be almost, if not equally, knowledgeable of the emerging and rapidly evolving technology. Join Manish Sampat from Tigera, as explores the topic in detail with Stan Lee from Paypal.